Parish Social Justice Group

“Act justly, love tenderly and walk humbly with your God (Micah 6:8)”

Mindful of the many gifts of the Holy Spirit distributed at Pentecost, have you ever felt yours could be in the area of Social Justice? If so, then it would be helpful to know that the Sydney Archdiocese, through its Justice and Peace Office, offers wonderful opportunity for your involvement.

Whether it be Asylum Seekers, Migrant

Workers struggling to find dignified work (and relying on charity if out of work), human trafficking and slavery, family homelessness, ecological conversion, and so on. It is all there for people who wish to engage.

People can be involved in a manner that best suits them—by logging in to Zoom meetings, attending Diocesan Reflection meetings, or simply by becoming more informed by accessing information on the website. There’s no set pathway.

However, from the Parish’s standpoint (including our Parish schools) there would be great value in bringing it all together

occasionally and sharing our individual

experiences. Not only is this a highly valued Parish ministry, but as one that reaches out to the disadvantaged, it is one that is close to the Heart of Christ.

Stay tuned for further information as to when an initial meeting will take place. In the meantime, make us of the links available on our Parish website.

Fr Bill Brady msc.

For more information: