Fr Pat Mara msc
Parish Priest

Fr Pat was born in Petersham and when he left school he worked as a plumber for almost 10 years before having the desire to go overseas as a lay missionary. This led him to the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart and he was sent to Kiribati and Fiji by the MSC Mission Office to work on some clean water projects. It was during this time he decided to join the MSC’s and he began formation in 2007 as a postulant and novice.

While in the seminary Fr Pat went to Nimoa, PNG on several occasions to take part in more clean water projects before finishing his theological studies. Fr Pat was ordained on the feast of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart in 2014 and the following year in 2015 began his first appointment on the Tiwi Islands where he worked for six years. Fr Pat enjoys riding motorbikes, bicycles, weight lifting, and listening to music.