Fr Peter Antony msc

Fr Peter Antony is from Kerala, India and was ordained in 2017. Fr Antony says that he knew little of the MSC order as they only arrived in India in 1985, but when he first enquired about their mission, felt attracted to their ways of serving God by sharing the message of his love to everyone. After entering the seminary in Bengaluru in 2003, he completed concurrent Bachelor studies in Philosophy and Theology at CMI college, and later a Bachelor of Arts in a Jesuit college. During his studies, Fr Antony had a number of former Randwick priests as tutors, including Fr Joshua and Fr Prasad. Following his ordination in 2017, he worked in one of the Dioceses in Kerala until February 2018. Fr Antony arrived in Australia in 2018 and has since become involved in many areas of Parish life including the Young Adults group and hospital ministry.